NEW! Dear Future Self Writing Competition for Secondary Schools (2021)

The Rotary Club of Canterbury "Dear Future Self" Writing Competition for Secondary Schools (2021) aims to encourage youngsters to think about current topics and how they may relate to the future.

The competition will be run for the first time in 2021, with the prizes being provided by local businesses/individuals.

What is the challenge?

To write a message to your future self which is intended to be delivered and read on a specific date in the future. Your message can be in any form you wish - even rhymed verse if that takes your fancy! Your message could be about:

  • one of the big issues now facing us, OR
  • a building or any other structure that is in existence now.

Some suggestions to inspire you are provided as a separate document, although you can write about any other issue or building/structure that you wish.

If you choose an issue, we want you to explain to your future self:

  • why the issue is currently important, AND
  • give arguments (in brief) on both sides of the issue.

Your message must also outline whether, why and how you expect the issue to have been resolved by the time the message is delivered and read.

If you choose a building or any other structure, we want you to describe to your future self:

  • its current condition and purpose, AND
  • any threats to it.

Your message must also outline what you believe will have happened to the building or other structure (and why) by the time the message is delivered and read.

We want you to show us that you understand the issue you have chosen, or that you have studied the building/structure that your message is about. In either case, you should have done some research and used your imagination to work out what the effect of the lapse of the time period that you have chosen is likely to be.

Who can enter?

At the date of submission, all entrants must normally be attending secondary school, 6th form college or equivalent. For further eligibility criteria please see the competition rules. 

How it works:

The competition will be judged by a panel of local individuals.

Entries are made by email. 

The panel of judges will consider all entries and choose the winning entries.


There will be three prizes:

  • 1st prize: £500
  • 2nd prize: £100
  • 3rd prize: £50

How to enter:

There is no entry fee. All that is necessary is that your entry meets the challenge set out in the rules and complies with those rules. 

Click here to download our latest poster.

Click here to download our latest RULES of entry (PDF file).

Click here to download our latest SUGGESTIONS for topics (PDF file). You do not have to use any of these suggestions.

Please read the rules for details of how to submit an entry and the submission deadline.

For queries, please contact: