Fund Raising

One of the main objectives of the Club is raising funds for worthwhile causes, both in this country & abroad. Throughout the year, we organise events, social occasions & other activities which all contribute to the support of charities & projects.

Every year our club has to raise in excess of £10,000 to enable us support the requests that we receive for financial help from Canterbury community and other deserving worthy causes, some worldwide. Check out our Latest News pages for a glimpse of some of our recent good causes.

You can help us now!


By either:

  • Making a donation direct to our charity fund
  • Sponsoring some ducks in our next duck race, with the chance of winning a cash prize!
  • By leaving us a legacy in your will

If you are able to help us we will be most grateful and promise that every penny that you give will be distributed wisely to charities or worthy causes. Every donation that we make will have been researched and deemed to fit our aims and objects by the relevant committee.

Thursday 1st January 1970

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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