Rotary Innovation Competition Result 2013-2014

The Vocational Service Committee organised this competition with the help of several other members, notably Simon Edridge, who designed a brilliant poster, and Mark Esdale, who was very interested and supportive throughout, and acted as one of the judges.

There was no restriction on the type of innovation, the competitors being told that the winner would be the idea which the judges considered both innovative and capable of giving the greatest improvement to life within the sphere on which it impacts. The 14 entries were accordingly completely varied and ranged (inter alia) from a very simple foot -operation for a public toilet door (to avoid spreading contamination), the notion of which greatly impressed the judges, but which had not been sufficiently thought through, to a highly complex electronic corrective writing machine, and a simple, but very ingenious “Swiss Army” make- up kit, which was judged the winner. Each contestant was presented with a certificate, the winner also receiving the prize of £300 funded by the Club. The winner was Verity Jones of Queen Elizabeth School, Faversham.

Great support was received from Carole Barron, Director of the Kent Innovation Centre, and her staff, who organised the final meeting of the judges on 2nd July at Rutherford College, and acted as a judge herself. The contestants , and some of their teachers, attended and made presentations , some of which were extremely impressive. There was also a discussion about exploiting and protecting new ideas, and Carole Barron told the group that her office was available for initial help in that regard.

Winners of the Innovation Competition 2014
The above photograph, taken by Bob and Jenny Anderson, shows the contestants and judges (Mark Esdale, far left and Brian Dobinson, far right).

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Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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