Rotary Trolley Dash helps Food Bank

The Trolley Dash at Morrisons store on June 22nd was to supply goods for Canterbury Food Bank. The early morning five-minute dash was done by Simon from City Church.

Seven Rotarians and a group from the Food Bank were there before opening time on a Sunday morning to cheer Simon on. Organiser Mark Rosen hopes to arrange another dash with Sainsburys later in the year.

Rotarian Mark (on the left in the first photo) arranged a photographer from The Canterbury Times newspaper. The Food Bank had a photographer from The Kentish Gazette newspaper. There was a "guess the size of the bill" sweepstake at Rotary Lunch on Tuesday 24th June.

The value of foodstuffs collected in the dash was £311 (donated by the Rotary Club), to which Morrisons generously added another £40 worth of food.

Photos by Roger Bickerton - click images to enlarge

Trolley Dash team & Supporters assemble outside Morrisons Dasher Simon from City Church is just a blur as he starts his run
No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed: just long-lived provisions The Press takes an interest in young helper Ben
The five-minutes are up – looks like a full Trolley! President Geoff is pleased with the haul for the Food Bank
All checked out – and Morrisons donated £40 extra food What was the total??? £351 including Morrison's donation

Tuesday 24th June 2014

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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