2019 Christmas collection at Morrisons

We'd like to thank all the generous people shopping at Morrisons yesterday that donated to our Christmas collection. This money will go towards helping the many causes and charities that we support.

Over the last year we've helped a whole variety of people via our donations. Charities benefitting from our support include local ones such as Necessary Furniture, Canterbury Food Bank and the Prince of Wales Youth Club. Other causes include PSBreastfeeding, Honey Bears Nursery, Music4Wellbeing, Wheel Potential, SERV Kent, Canterbury Street Pasters, Querns Community, Parkinson's UK, the Mustard Seed Singers, Harbledown Guides, Pilgrim's Way and Parkside Primary Schools, and St Nicholas' School.

We've also supported local youngsters in various ways. For instance, we helped support a team from Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Faversham - allowing them to take part in the F1 in schools competition. We were chuffed to bits when they won the WORLD Championships recently in Abu Dhabi.

On the international front we've helped support a number of organisations, including Transaid, an organisation that helps provide bicycle ambulances for patient transport in rural areas of the world, WasteAid, which helps tackle the issues of global waste, Health for All, which helps provide healthcare in rural parts of India, Children at the Edge, helping the Rohingya, and New Life Nyambene and Chaaria Mission Hospital, which help Kenyan street children and the rural areas of Kenya respectively. We've also supported ShelterBox, WaterAid and AquaBox, all of which help following disasters around the world. We've helped underprivileged girls in Bangladesh through the distribution of hygiene kits, disabled people in Bhutan through Open your Heart to Bhutan, and we've helped a charity in Zambia with their wildlife education activities. Finally, through support for Tools for Self Reliance and through microfinance charity LendWithCare we've helped a range of people in developing countries set up their own businesses, thereby helping them, their families and their communities.

*Update: we raised £615 - many thanks to all the volunteers and to those that donated.*

With many thanks to the staff at Morrisons for giving us this fundraising opportunity. We are also always grateful for the support of the community.

Photo: Christmas collections at Morrisons. Picture credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury,  

Saturday 7th December 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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