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Our International Committee recently donated £425 to to go towards Baby Boxes in Kenya; we're delighted to have already received a letter of thanks.

According to the information about the Baby Box project, "a Baby Box is an inexpensive alternative to a crib that acts as an incentive for mums to attend critical postnatal checks. They have been used in countries such as Scotland and Mexico to help babies have the best possible start in life."

In 2018 piloted the use of Baby Boxes in Nairobi, Kenya. The increase in mothers accepting "life-saving" services was over 80% - which showed just how valuable the Baby Box concept could be. 

Uptake of postnatal care in Kwale County, on the coast of Kenya, is extremely low - which means mothers and new babies miss out on crucial health checks after the baby is born. The latest project in the county "will encourage and improve access to postnatal care for 500 new mums...The project also takes learnings from's Pregnant Women's Group in Meru, Kenya, which are arming mums with lifesaving health information through a series of interactive group sessions."

Each Baby Box is a specially designed cardboard box, complete with mattress, sheets, blanket and mosquito net. Our donation of £425 should cover the costs of 10 baby boxes and the training of one postnatal nurse.

In their letter of thanks's Income Manager states "As a small organisation with big ambition, donations like yours make a huge difference". To learn more about the Baby Box project and other projects, click here

Picture: One of the Baby Boxes. Picture credit:


Saturday 26th March 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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