Canterbury Food Bank receives supplies bought with our donations

Canterbury Food Bank received supplies bought with the money donated by our club via our Community Service Committee today. Our donation has been spent on food essentials such as tins of potatoes and peas, jam and juice, responding to a list of shortages from the food bank. The money has also been used to buy basic toiletries such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. This is the first phase of our donation and more supplies will go their way in a few weeks' time.

People in need are referred to the Food Bank via a number of agencies. They receive a voucher which they can then exchange for a food parcel at distribution centres. Each parcel contains enough food to last for three days.

Canterbury Food Bank has a downloadable 'shopping list' for people who want to support them - there's also a page with a link to their online app telling you what the food bank needs most urgently. See: (scroll down the page to see the list).

It's always good to hear about how our donations have been used!

Picture: Canterbury Food Bank items bought with our donation. Picture credit: Karen/Canterbury Food Bank.

Friday 20th October 2017

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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