Not so shy coconut shy

It seems our Rotary club's coconut shy is not so shy after all. Last weekend it was in action at a fundraiser to support Breast Cancer research, and it will be out again soon.

The shy proved popular amongst the visitors to Harbledown, where the fundraiser was being held. We are pleased to say that the shy will be used again at a fundraiser for Riding for the Disabled, to be held in Chartham on 7th July. PP, Sidney Denham, said "It's lovely to get the shy out to help with local fundraisers. A little thing like this can actually make quite a difference to a small fundraising event!"

Our coconut shy used to help support local fundraising events quite regularly. If you think it might help a charity fundraiser that you plan to hold in or near Canterbury, do please contact us, allowing plenty of time for suitable arrangements to be made. 

Here's more about the two charities that the shy is helping:

Breast Cancer Now

Cobbes Meadow Riding for the Disabled

Picture: Our coconut shy (and some of our Rotarians) in action. Picture credit: Sidney Denham/Rotary Club of Canterbury.


Sunday 23rd June 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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