Origami ideas?

Our craft fair the other week went very well and we were delighted with the money raised. We were also pleased to receive so many positive comments afterwards. There was also one unexpected outcome...

One of our "art & crafting" Rotarians was contacted by a neighbour who commented: "You make beautiful things". But, more interestingly the neighbour, Aileen Edwin, also added that she had a number of origamis that she wanted to donate to our Club - some of which are her own designs (read about those here). (She also makes unusual, one of a kind, dolls).

It's always great to receive financial donations or nice prizes for raffles, so this was a very kind offer - but the origamis have us perplexed as we're now wondering how to make best use of them. Are you running a local charity craft fair and would like to sell them in order to raise some funds? Do you know anyone local who would be interested in giving a good price for them - perhaps a crafter with a website or Etsy account who has some ideas on how to use them? Framed, in a mobile, or on handmade cards, perhaps? Or maybe you know someone who would like to buy all of them to brighten their own home, knowing that the money raised will go towards the charities and causes that we support? Alternatively, perhaps you can think of a really deserving recipent that might appreciate some brightness - e.g. a hospice or children's ward? 

Contact us if you have some good ideas! There are more pictures on our facebook page.

Picture: Some of Aileen's origami. Picture credit: Aileen Edwin/Rotary Club of Canterbury.


Saturday 21st September 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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