Donation to Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre

We were delighted to receive a letter of thanks from Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre for our donation of £300.

Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre C.I.O is a small resident-led charity situated about a mile from Canterbury City centre near the A2. According to its website, the Centre is "a very successful registered charity, with an acknowledged reputation both nationally and internationally for significant and sustained reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour (over 50%); innovative work with young people, and for community cohesion and empowerment."

Our donation will be used to help feed families in the area and will also go towards a children's Royal Jubilee Party. (Our Community Services Committee has also done some work to source fresh vegetables from local farmers for the Centre’s food boxes; this work is ongoing.)

The Centre chooses to get its funding through room and office hire rather than grant funding (ours is the only "grant" they have). They receive no statutory or Lottery funding in the hope of becoming sustainable. However, with the impact of Covid they would welcome support -  and encourage people to 'Help a Community to help themselves'.

To learn more about the Centre, the community it serves and the facilities it provides, click here

Picture: A screen shot of the Centre's website. Picture credit: Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre (with permission).

Monday 30th May 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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