Duck Race 2017 - Special Guest

One of the most iconic sights of Canterbury is its beautiful Cathedral, so it was totally natural to have a link between that and one of our most iconic fundraising events - the Annual Duck Race held in Westgate, Canterbury.

So this year we're delighted to announce that we’ve invited #ArchbishopDuck from the Cathedral as a special guest in Duck Race 2017. Readers are encouraged to come along and cheer on all the ducks, keeping an eye out for #ArchbishopDuck as he 'swims' alongside the others.

In the meantime, #ArchbishopDuck has kindly offered to give us a special tour of Canterbury Cathedral, parts of which are undergoing amazing renovation. Look out for the pictures

Details about the Duck race can be found on our Facebook event page.


Thursday 17th August 2017

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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