Duck Race 2018 - Counting them out

Just as real birds fly south every autumn, our little yellow friends have a yearly ritual of their own - duck counting out.

This is quite a serious yet fun task, when a team of Rotarians ensure that all the little yellow fellows are numbered and available. This year they are also looking after the green-spotted ducks that will be part of our race-within-a-race among Rotary Clubs attending our Rotary District Conference - ENGAGE 2018 (which is also being hosted in Canterbury this weekend, 7-9 Sept).

Just a reminder: Weather and conditions permitting, our Annual Rotary Duck Race starts at 2.30pm on Saturday in Westgate Gardens, Canterbury. LIMITED numbers of ducks will be available for sponsorship prior to the race at £1 each on the day from 12.30pm onwards. 1st prize = £250, 2nd prize = £100, 3rd prize = £50. All the funds raised will go to our local and international causes.
All are welcome to attend this family-friendly event. Come along to cheer on the ducks!

Picture: Our crew of Rotarians busy counting out the ducks. Picture credit: Robin Vickers, Jenny/Bob Anderson/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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