Duck Race 2019 - winners!

Well, we had a quackin' race today - thanks to all who came along and cheered on the ducks!

Well, we had a quackin' race today- thanks to all who came along and cheered on the ducks!
The winning ducks were…
1st prize, £250: 2092
2nd, £100: 2805
3rd, Cafe des Amis voucher:1041
4th, Westgate Punts voucher: 2023
5th, Caraccio's Hair and Beauty voucher:530

Many thanks to the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Terry Westgate for helping get our ducks off to a flying start. Thanks to Westgate Parks and Canterbury City Council for letting us host this wonderful community event yet again this year. A huge round of applause to Canterbury Lifesaving Club for keeping everyone safe and our ducks on twack (quack). And an even bigger round of applause to our wonderful duck rescuers, who braved the water and weed to try and ensure that all the ducks came back to the nest at the end of the race. Thanks also to our sponsors and supporters, including the Kentish Gazette, GallagherThornhill Eco Range Cookers, Direction Law Solicitors and Necessary Furniture.
We're grateful to the folk who 'bought' ducks, and all our duck sellers, including various Rotarians, Iconic Jewellery StoreFitzgerald Jewellers and Five Elements Beauty.

Photos will be our Facebook page in the next few days!


Sunday 15th September 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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