Easter egg hunt and afternoon tea

Rotarians, friends and family - including some children and grandchildren - had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the sun in an Easter egg hunt set in President Stephen Thompson's garden yesterday.

The sky was clear and the weather just perfect for the group of around 20 or so to go on an egg hunt. Earlier, Stephen and his wife Sue had hidden eggs in little nests scattered around their garden for the hunters to find. Each nest had mini eggs and a tiny "chick" - those who found the chicks had a chance to qualify for an Easter bunny!

Everyone took part with great enthusiasm - young or old. One hunter was even out on his little mobility vehicle! 

All enjoyed a great laugh and had lots of fun - "They went absolutely everywhere!" laughed Stephen, of the enthusiatic hunters.

The hunt was topped by a wonderful afternoon tea (and perhaps a drop of wine) offered by the hosts.

It's really lovely to just relax and have some fun from time to time! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday. 

Picture: Just some of the eggs and chocolate collected by the girls of Rotarian Kailash Maunick. Picture credit: Kailash Maunick/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

Monday 18th April 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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