Winners of our Dear Future Self competition announced!

We are delighted to announce the winners of our "Dear Future Self" competition, the second year that we have run this particular challenge.

The task for the youngsters was for them to write a letter to their future self in 25 years. This year's entrants were asked to focus on an employment, profession or business. The hope, when initially setting up the competition in the middle of the pandemic in 2021, is that it will encourage youngsters to look ahead into future.

The competition, which is aimed at Secondary Schools, was judged by Past President Viv Pritchard and former Rotarian Deborah Connolly. Entrants were judged in two categories: Years 7/8 and Years 9+.

The prizes for each category were: 1st prize: £250; 2nd prize: £100; 3rd prize: £50.

There were 23 entries in total for the two categories, with youngsters expressing various views on what the future may look like and what the adult self’s role could be in that future. Interestingly, some of the entrants had very clear ideas, while others debated various possibilities. Many youngsters focussed on a career in science and technology.

In the younger category, prizes went to students from Dover Grammar School for Girls and Invicta Grammar School. In the older category, prizes went to Kent College and Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham. The judges decided to award joint first prizes in the older category on the basis of the imaginative writing.

"There was an interesting range of thoughts about the future", said Viv. He added that it was "encouraging to note the general optimism, despite recognising uncertainties and challenges. The quality was consistently good - although there were different approaches and writing styles, so it was difficult to pick out clear winners!"

Congratulations to all of the winners - may they, and all the other entrants, go on to have wonderful future careers!

Picture: Part of a poster designed oroginally by Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School student Javier Gladstone Contioso. Picture credit: Javier Gladstone Contioso/QEGS/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

With thanks to Viv Pritchard & Deborah Connolly for help in drafting this article. 


Monday 21st March 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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