Rotary Innovation Competition 2018 - launch

We're really excited to tell everyone that we're building up to 2018's Rotary Innovation Competition.

It will be the 5th year that we will be running this very successful competition which encourages secondary school (or equivalent) youngsters from local schools and colleges* to come up with innovative ideas.

In previous years we have had ideas including flashing toy boxes (to encourage young children to be tidy), a Swiss Army makeup kit, a way of opening public toilet doors without touching the handle, a sophisticated corrective writing device for disabled people, a simple way of getting the right angle for brushing your teeth, an automatic egg cleaner for poultry sheds and an amazing water-capture system for adventurous hikers. 

This year the competition is supported by our Club, John Parker & Son, The Kentish Gazette, Canterbury Christchurch University and Clague Architects. Brian Dobinson, who is the main organiser, says "It's a wonderful competition and we really enjoy reading all the entries. We strongly encourage youngsters from eligible schools and colleges* to take part and look forward to receiving lots of entries!"

*For further information and details of eligibility please visit this page.

For our latest poster click here.

For news about last year's winners please click here,


Monday 11th December 2017

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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