Lendwithcare update

We're delighted to report that we've played a small part in helping over 3,000 family members of entrepreneurs in developing countries with loans made through microfinance organisation Lendwithcare.

Lendwithcare was founded by charity CARE International and aims to help people in developing countries out of poverty by providing them with small loans for entrepreneurial ventures.

We opened our account with Lendwithcare back in 2016 and it's great to know that we have played a part in helping so many family members. To date, we’ve helped to fund a total of 186 loans; these have helped 978 entrepreneurs and created 687 jobs. It's nice to see that a number of our loans have already been repaid.

One of our recent 'loans', for example, will go towards funds being sought by a small woman's group in Malawi, Africa. One of these women, a 34-year-old, is married with four children and has other relatives to support. She plans to use her share of the loan to pay for the second hand clothes that she sells. Another of our 'loans' will go towards helping a 44-year-old cassava farmer in Cambodia.

Different people and groups support Lendwithcare entrepreneurs in different ways - our club chooses to provide small loans of around £15 to a number of entrepreneurs. This means that those entrepreneurs still need to get backing from others before they receive the loan. If you're interested in supporting Lendwithcare or want to find out more about them, click here

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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