How a little sacrifice could make a big difference!

Have you ever wondered if there is a way that a small action on your part could help make a big difference? Find out more...

Yes, a small action on your part really could help make a difference - especially to the people of Canterbury. If you're one of those people that buys a bottle (or two) of water every day, why not fill up a refillable water bottle from the tap instead for two weeks? That would save you a good few pounds...but more importantly, would save 14 plastic bottles going to waste. That means you're helping to save all the resources that go into making the bottles, as well as reducing the use of single-use plastic.

But ... if you donate the money you save to our "The Point" appeal instead, you could be helping to save millions - yes, millions - of bottles EACH YEAR! By helping us to create the drinking water filling station, you'd also be helping give people access to FREE drinking water when they come into Canterbury City Centre. And you'd be helping create a new tourist attraction too. Imagine that - one day you could look at The Point and say "I helped make this!"

Excited by the idea? Get started now! Why not get your work colleagues or friends and family join in as well?

Find out more about our "The Point" appeal here:

If you don't want to donate via the GoFundMe you can also donate direct to our account: 

Donation by direct Bank Transfer
Sort Code 60 04 27 Account Number 46120327
Transfer Reference: DWF Donation

Account Name: The Rotary Club of Canterbury Trust Fund

We're grateful for all donations, big or small. 



Monday 7th November 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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