Mini Group Study Exchange (MGSE)

Are you aged between 18-25, looking to broaden your horizons, are interested in international cooperation, would like to be an ambassador for Canterbury Rotary and improve your CV all at the same time?

What is the MGSE?

The Rotary Club of Canterbury has established contact Clubs in four European Countries: France (St Quentin), Belgium (Leuven), Germany (Lüdenscheid) and Holland (Leiden). The Clubs meet each year by rotation in one of the five countries and undertake a number of joint ventures.

One of the activities is the annual Mini Group Study Exchange (MGSE), where each club arranges for two young people from each of the member towns to meet together for a week of social, cultural and educational activities. The purpose is to learn more of each other and their countries and to establish friendships, which often last for many years.

What happens?

Each year our Club invites applicants via our website and other social media and then selects two 'ambassadors' to attend.. The annual exchange usually takes place in August/ September.

Travelling expenses are paid by Canterbury Rotary Club and 'ambassadors; will stay with a Rotarian family during the week. 

Further details will be available with the call for applicants.

Twitter: @RotaryCantUK


Sunday 1st January 2017

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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