Donation to Rising Sun for All about Me

Some weeks ago our Club provided a grant to Rising Sun’s "All About Me" programme, enabling Hannah Nicholls from Natural Pathways to deliver a programme for engaging youngsters with the wilderness.

Rising Sun is a local charity that addresses issues of domestic violence and abuse. It's "All about Me" programme is "a therapeutic group programme for children who have experienced trauma linked to domestic abuse". These therapeutic sessions use activities in which children aged from 4 to 11 can participate to help boost their confidence. Past President Richard Kemball-Cook is a volunteer with Rising Sun.

Natural Pathways run a number of courses which help youngsters engage with nature. They aim to help youngsters "come face to face with their true abilities, in a deliberate effort to help them conquer their perceived weaknesses". Our Community Service Committee came to learn of this and agreed to provide £500 so that Hannah, from Natural Pathways, could run her course over two afternoons and a day during the school holidays. It all went very well and the youngsters enjoyed taking part and came away with new knowledge and skills.

Picture: Stock library picture. Picture credit: TanteTati from Pixabay.

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Thursday 30th June 2016

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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