Donation to New Life Nyambene

New Life Nyambene is a charity that is "committed to creating a better future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children in Africa", so it was with pleasure that our International Committee agreed to send them a cheque for £500.

New Life Nyambene's mission is "to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned street children in Kenya and give them the ... skills they need to escape poverty ". Although the charity is based in Northumberland it started local to us and in fact one of our members, Rtn John Hill, alerted us to its work. The charity currently focuses on working with street children in Maua (in the Meru region of Kenya) and is named after the Nyambene hills in which Maua sits.

Nyambene offers former street children "long-term care, a sense of belonging, and the education and vocational skills they need to ... find employment" and it has met with remarkable success to date. In a thank you message Nyambene's Treasurer and Trustee informed us that "well over 90% of the funds [they] receive goes directly to the support and education of the children in [their] care". She assures us that our donation will be of immediate benefit to those youngsters - it's interesting to read the profiles of some of those that they are helping on their website. The youngsters' hopes and fears are quite touching. 

For more information about New Life Nyambene or to make a donation, click here

Picture: New Life Nyambene's leaflet. Picture credit: Reproduced from New Life Nyambene, with permission.


Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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