Rising Sun Christmas Party

The Canterbury Domestic Violence and Abuse Service (known as the Rising Sun) hosted their Christmas Party for the children and their close families who had attended their programmes during the year.

Our Club part funds the Canterbury activities and one of our members, Richard Kemball-Cook, is a volunteer with the Service.

Richard reports that there were 75 children plus mostly their mums at the party. He spent two hours keeping the exuberant kids under control on the bouncy castle and ensuring the little ones enjoyed themselves too! 

”I got into the swing of getting the older kids to calm them down: it gave me practise for my own kids at Christmas!” laughed Richard.

There were conjurers, Father Christmas and his elves, face painting, lots of presents donated by local firms...and a huge tea party. 

Picture: Children, their families and volunteers at the Xmas party. Picture credit: Rocahrd Kemball-Cook/Rotary Club of Canterbury.


Monday 31st December 2018

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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