President Stephen takes up a silly challenge!

When we had our mini auction in May, one Rotarian said she would throw in an extra £30 if President Stephen Thompson and his wife, Sue, would take up one silly challenge. Well, they were happy to oblige!

The "silent" mini auction which was run by Sue was really successul and we raised an amazing total of £555. One Rotarian threw in an extra £30 if Stephen and Sue would wear a silly hat on their walk through Stelling Minnis. True to their word, they did. Not only that, but they got their two lovely dogs, Holly & Poppy, to wear silly hats too. How cute is that? We take our hats off to them!

Picture: Stephen, Sue, their dogs and silly hats! Picture credit: Stephen Thompson/Rotary Club of Canterbury



Sunday 10th July 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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