Mock interviews at Spires Academy

For some time now, several of our members have been helping youngsters in local schools through job talks and mock interviews that help the youngsters with their ongoing study and career choices.

Some weeks ago a number of our members, namely Rtns Brian Dobinson, Andrew Barchi, Tony Pomeroy, Peter Hermitage (PP), Alan Mepstead, Raj Dasan, John Hill (PP), Deborah Connolly, Nan Miller, Harry Cragg (PP), Gill Dixon and current President Margaret Griffin went to Spires Academy in Sturry to interview their year 11s (~15 /16 year olds).

Each Rotarian interviewed up to seven students according to a pre-set timetable, using as a basis for the interview a series of questions which had been agreed with their teacher, Mike Bell. (Similar questions had been used when we conducted mock interviews at Abbey School in Faversham.) These included questions about the students' interests, studies, achievements, skills, influences and career goals. The final question asked the students if the mock interview helped them feel more confident about attending interviews in future.

We were very impressed with the students and it was cheering to receive an email from Spires Academy telling us how we helped make a difference.

It was a great pleasure to be involved in helping the students and we wish all of them well in their futures studies and careers. As their teacher encouragingly says, "Work hard and anything is possible!"

Picture: Mock interviews being conducted at Spires Academy. Picture credit: Mike Bell/Spires Academy/Rotary Club of Canterbury.



Friday 5th April 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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