A spring clean in summer!

Just like households, Rotary Clubs can acquire a load of unwanted stuff over the years that needs a thorough spring clean. A hot summer day might not have been the best day to do this, but our Members weren't put off and managed to fill a whole skip!

Marie Kondo may be the one that many people turn to for tidying expertise, but after our successful clearout yesterday we reckon our Rotarians aren't too bad either! Several of them rolled up their sleeves at temperatures over 25 degrees centrigrade to help organize the stain-glass windowed chapel where we store some of our odds and ends. We found broken containers and all sorts of damaged or broken miscellaneous items for which we could think of no other use - including some rather tatty, irreparable, decades-old "shaker" collection boxes once used for raising charity funds. Now, of course, we use a newer style of collection box with our eyecatching logo! Always look out for us!

With thanks to Tim Brett.

President Tony Loughran who was one of the team that helped clear out the chapel, standing beside the skip of rubbish we cleared out. Inset: Stained-glass windows in the tiny chapel that we tidied up. Picture credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury.

Thursday 25th August 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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