St Patrick's Day Celebration and Fundraiser

Our Members and guests (including members of fellow Canterbury Rotary Clubs) enjoyed a lively musical St Patrick's Day celebration the other evening. The event also raised funds for the Prince of Wales Youth Club.

Ever since they did a wonderful job during our Pentangular meeting last year, we've been keen to involve the performers again in another musical event - and St Patrick's Day provided the perfect occasion for this. 

Hosted at The Prince of Wales Youth Club on Military Road on the evening of Tuesday 14 March (a bit earlier than St Patrick's Day itself), the evening proved to be great fun.

During the evening, local band "Camine" played a number of Irish tunes, and a "fabulous" show of Irish dancing was put on by the Dean Academy of Performing Arts - which includes many Youth Club members. Dinner, naturally, was also themed around Irish food with the Youth Club's co-ordinator, Joey Wicks, cooking up a delicious stew and cheesecake.

During the evening Sinitta Nightingale, President of the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise, presented Joey with over £369 fundraised through their Christmas Story Books. The evening was topped off by a Cèili dance that everyone could join in with!

As Sinitta said, "it was a lovely evening had by all".

Picture: Performers from the Dean Academy of Performing Arts who put on an excellent show of Irish dancing during the evening. Picture credit: S Wood/Dean Academy of Performing Arts/Rotary Club of Canterbury. 

Monday 20th March 2023

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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