Stamps for Pilgrims Hospices 2020!

The new year has barely started, but there's no rest for our enthusiastic Rotarians! Here, read about the stamps that we've helped collect to support Pilgrims Hospices.

For a number of years PP John Hill has encouraged our members to save stamps from friends and families in support of charity Pilgrims Hospices; he collects these together and delivers them to the Hospice. (You can read how the stamps help Pilgrims Hospices in their work, and the amount of money they can raise this way, here.)

We've just received a picture of Rtn Bob Anderson busy at work - he tells us that he inherited someone’s collection of stamps going back to 1977 (yes, that's over four decades worth!) So Bob and his wife Jenny have been using some quiet time during this holiday to cut the stamps from envelopes*. "We've already spent have several hours at this," he tells us "but we've hardly dented the pile, there are so many!" He wryly adds: "It's a bit mind bending...but 'Service above Self!'" (We're pleased to note Bob has some much needed victuals at his side to keep up his strength!)

*Note - you don't have to cut the stamps - all people need do is tear off the corner of the envelope.

Please do contact us or the hospice if you have large numbers of stamps that you wish to donate; we also encourage you to create groups of collectors - e.g. in your workplace, school or college. It's great to be able to get some much needed funds from something most people just throw away!

Picture: Bob is busy with the stamps! Picture credit: Bob  & Jenny Anderson/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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