A lovely summer picnic by the farm

It was picnic tables and blankets at the ready for our Members and their guests at our Summer picnic near Lenham yesterday. A wonderful chance to enjoy each other's company in glorious sunshine!

Around twenty-three Rotarians, their families and friends gathered together to have a wonderful day out. They brought their picnic hampers and array of food and drink and everyone mixed together under a huge shady tree in the beautiful, colourful garden of Robert Boyd-Howell, one of our Club's Past Presidents.

Robert kindly gave everyone an informative talk on the general running of his farm. Then, after we finished munching and chatting, Robert took us on a tour around the farm. While we all looked over his huge grain barns, Robert explained the mechanism of drying and storing the grain, and outlined the costs involved. He was very upbeat regarding the selling of his grain, which was refreshing to hear.

It was wonderful to have the chance to get together in such an informal way, in lovely surroundings, with a cooling breeze blowing on a warm, sunny English summer's day. A big thank you to Robert for hosting us and giving us the chance to have such a lovely day out. Thanks also go to PP Phil Abbott for providing us with background music and enhancing the relaxed, party feeling!

Picture: Relaxing at the picnic! Picture credit: Kailash Maunick/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

With Thanks to Gill Dixon for help with writing this article. 


Monday 25th July 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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