Delivering old tools

"Any old tools, any old tools?" No, we're not rehearsing for panto! We really want your sturdy old tools which we can deliver to the Tools for Self Reliance workshop at Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury so that, after a refurb, they can go to Africa.

Please note: This news post was originally published in January 2020; Pilgrims Hospices no longer participates in Tools for Self-Reliance.

To find out more about the scheme, please visit their website.


The Tools for Self Reliance workshop in Canterbury is the only one of its kind in Kent. Volunteers there are able to refurbish tools so that they can be sent out to countries in Africa to help those who are underprivileged be trained in various trades and start up their own small business. 

Rotarian Bob Anderson gives us a little insight into the latest lot of tools that he delivered to the workshop: "My wife and I decided to have a New Year blitz on our garage....we made inroads in to a number of items which had survived the previous cull and were celebrating with a cup of coffee when the phone rang. A lady had been doing the same as us and had three boxes of tools for collection! I downed the coffee, collected the tools and the garage started to look as it had at the end of the old year! A trip to the workshop found the merry band of volunteers already at work refurbishing - thankfully, they relieved me of the boxes."

Do you have a load of old tools or a quantity of other potentially useful items that you no longer need? Do contact us in case we can find a use for them, giving us your full contact details. Much better than going to landfill.

Picture: Example of unrefurbished and refurbished tools. Picture credit: J Burton/TFSR-Pilgrims Hospices

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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