Assisting St. Nicholas School on a day out

St. Nicholas School in Canterbury caters for children with complex learning needs, and members of our Community Service Committee often help to take some of the youngsters on a day out. This time they went trampolining.

On this occasion Rotarians Deborah Connolly and Maxine Blades helped take the youngsters to ‘Flip Out ‘, a trampoline centre in Ashford - in all there were 12 children with 10 teachers and carers that went on the outing on Friday 12 July.

It seems that everyone had a fantastic time, bouncing around and using up a lot of energy! Afterwards, they all went to McDonalds for a nice lunch together.

Our Community Service Committee had agreed to sponsor a summer outing again this year for a class of children from St. Nicholas School - we usually sponsor a summer and winter outing for the school. Normally the outing is to Wingham Wildlife Park, but the teacher felt 'Flip Out' would be great for the kids in her class. It certainly proved to be a great success!

Julie, the teacher, expressed ‘huge thanks to Rotary for such an enjoyable day out - the children had an amazing day and it was so inclusive’.

(With thanks to Deborah Connolly for providing details.)

You can learn more about St. Nicholas School here

Picture: One of the teachers watches a youngster from St. Nicholas School on the trampolines. Picture credit: Deborah Connolly/Rotary Club of Canterbury. (Reproduced with permission by the School.)




Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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