Visitor to our Club from Sofia, Bulgaria

Once again it was our pleasure to have an overseas visitor for one of our meetings, this time from Sofia in Bulgaria. One of the great benefits of being a Rotarian is that you can make connections all around the world!

Bonnie Theophilova is a journalist and a member of the Rotary E-club of Sofia Nextum, Bulgaria. Unlike our club, Bonnie's is, as the name suggests, an e-club - she laughingly reassured us: "But I'm not a hologram, I'm a real person!" She told us that the "e" referred to their method of communication. Although they have normal meetings just like most other Rotary Clubs, if members are travelling they can also join in electronically. Bonnie told us that she thought this was the communication of the future.

Bonnie's club currently has two major projects:

  • "No Stroke" - which is a stroke awareness and prevention project, where people are given free examinations to prevent strokes. This is actually part of a Global Grant GG1756342 Rotary: No Stroke Bulgaria, in which other Bulgarian, as well as some Italian, Turkish and Brazilian clubs also participate.
  • "Sowing the Seeds of Health" -  which aims to educate youngsters about nutrition. This is the first "own" project of Bonnie's club. They have just launched it as a concept and would welcome any cooperation with other clubs. Their Italian twin club (Naples-Anguioni) has already expressed serious interest. They are still working on the concept, but aim to keep in touch with us once it starts taking shape.

It was great to meet Bonnie and learn about her club; hopefully we'll keep contact in future. 

The club's website, still in its infancy, is

Picture: Rtn Graham Bough (left, from our club), with Rtn Bonnie Theophilova. Picture credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury. 



Thursday 1st August 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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