World Rotary Day 2022: Download & share our great recipe e-book!

World Rotary Day is a fantastic chance for Rotarians around the world to share news about their activities and projects. We'd love to remind you of our purple-themed recipe e-book, which is FREE and packed full of yummy recipes for you to make and enjoy!

Last October, on World Polio Day (24 October), we launched our purple-themed recipe e-book that anyone, anywhere, can download and delight in. 

It's a colourful book packed with over 80 recipes including starters, main meals, desserts & afternoon tea. The book also aims to increase awareness about Rotary's work to help eradicate Polio.

Today, to mark World Rotary Day, why not invite your friends over and cook something inspired by the book?

Here's a little video with feedback from some of our Members, their friends & families:

To download the e-book (for FREE), just visit this page:

There's lots of fundraising ideas in the recipe book too - perhaps they might inspire you to carry out a purple-themed fundraiser? Your fundraiser need not be just purple - you can theme it around any colour you like. You can even use the ideas for fun parties or events for your family & friends. 

Please also make a donation towards our fundraiser for PolioPlus. Your donation will support Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio from the world and make sure no more children are affected by this awful disease. You can make your donation by cheque, bank transfer or by paypal (all the details are in the link to the download page, above). 

We are so close to the goal of eradication. Together with YOUR help, we CAN do it!

Picture: A screen shot of the video (link above). Picture credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury.


Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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