Christmas dinner ... and online carols with European friends!

Members and guests gathered for Christmas Dinner the other night at The Granville in Lower Hardres, just outside Canterbury, followed a few days later with online carols with our Pentangular partner clubs.

Everyone packed in for the Christmas dinner - with lots of guests joining us for the event! After a three-course, pre-ordered dinner we recorded a few carols and seasonal songs, ably accompanied by Robin Vickers and his wife Avril (on keyboard) to be played in a Christmas Carol event to be held with our fellow Pentangular clubs later in the week.

The Christmas dinner was followed up as planned on Wednesday evening by the online Christmas Carols hosted by our President Rosemary Doyle, in which we were joined by our fellow Pentangular Clubs from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was a nice way to be in touch and to share some festive cheer!

Many thanks all that took part and to PP Martin Ward for overseeing tricky technical aspects!

Picture: Screenshot of the zoom showing just some of those present - with some added festive decor! Credit: Martin Ward/Rotary Club of Canterbury.

Saturday 23rd December 2023

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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