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Evening Meeting With Amanda Mckean, Director Canterbury Festival

30th April 2024
Venue: Cricket Ground

Evening meeting with Amanda McKean, Director, Canterbury Festival.
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Lunchtime Meeting Agm & May Business Meeting

7th May 2024
Venue: Cricket Ground
Lunchtime meeting 12.30pm for 1pm meal Annual General Meeting to be followed by the May Business Meeting.
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New members: Roger Hickman & Irina Marta

We are very pleased to share more details about two of our new members, Roger Hickman and his partner, Irina Marta. (We’ll write about the third “new” member later).

Roger and Irina were inducted, along with Andrew Clague, earlier this July. Below, we give a brief biography of each. 

Roger Hickman

Roger claims to be “a versatile individual who has navigated various career paths and achieved remarkable success along the way”. Originally trained in hotel and catering, he made a mid-life career change that propelled him into the realms of sales, marketing, and property development. His journey took an interesting turn when he acquired the rights to the title of Lord of the Manor of Upton over three decades ago.

Leading an international marketing company, Roger was a globetrotter, overseeing worldwide offices and working closely with clients around the world. This experience provided him with a global perspective and a deep understanding of diverse markets and cultures.

In 2017, driven by a desire to spend more time with his elderly mother and establish a home in the countryside, Roger raffled his London apartment, allocating a percentage of the income to support homeless charities in the city. “I hope this exemplifies my commitment to making a positive difference in society”, says Roger.

Currently, he enjoys a semi-retired lifestyle in Canterbury alongside his partner, Irina. He dedicates his time to developing small property projects and providing valuable advice to small businesses. Additionally, he actively supports Irina’s financial advice company, leveraging his wealth of experience.

An advocate for community involvement, Roger says he has joined Rotary “with the aim of contributing time and expertise to increase charitable donations.” He is also passionate about attracting younger members to ensure the club’s long-term success and continuity.

Irina Marta

Born in Transylvania just before the fall of communism, Irina developed a strong affinity for English and its global-spanning culture from a young age. This passion eventually led her to pursue new opportunities in the United Kingdom. Upon arriving she quickly discovered her love for the property development industry, which captivated her with its potential for growth and transformation.

With a polymathic nature and an insatiable curiosity, Irina’s interests extend far beyond the realm of property development. She has a deep fascination for business and entrepreneurship, personal finance, as well as science and technology.

Motivated by a desire to help individuals achieve financial well-being, Irina pursued a qualification as a Financial Adviser with The London Institute of Banking and Finance. This specialisation allows her to help people gain a comprehensive understanding of their personal finances and guide them towards making informed decisions for a secure future.

Outside of work, Irina finds joy in “exploring new places and cultures through travel” and immersing herself in different experiences that broaden her perspective. In her leisure time she indulges in the intellectual challenge and camaraderie of playing bridge, a game, she says, that demands “strategic thinking and collaboration”. Additionally, she is actively involved in making a positive impact within the local community, seeking ways to contribute and make a difference.

A final note: Irina has generously offered 5% of profits from her financial advice company, Atram Financial, as a donation to our club’s charity account. We are grateful for this, and look forward to working together with Roger and Irina for the benefit of the local and international community. 


If you’re interested in finding out how you might join our club, do consider becoming a “Friend” of our club, or simply contact us to tell us of your interest. In the meantime, you can also stay up-to-date on our activities via this news section. 

Picture: New members Roger (left) and Irina (right). Picture credit: Roger Hickman/Irina Marta/Rotary Club of Canterbury. 


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