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Evening Meeting With Amanda Mckean, Director Canterbury Festival

30th April 2024
Venue: Cricket Ground

Evening meeting with Amanda McKean, Director, Canterbury Festival.
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Lunchtime Meeting Agm & May Business Meeting

7th May 2024
Venue: Cricket Ground
Lunchtime meeting 12.30pm for 1pm meal Annual General Meeting to be followed by the May Business Meeting.
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Pentangular Christmas carols by Zoom!

Our Club hosted a seasonal – though technically temperamental – Zoom session of Christmas songs and carols with members from fellow Pentangular Rotary clubs across Europe on Thursday!

Many of us have probably tired of Zoom, but for our club is has brought one great benefit – and that has been to be able to get together with our fellow Pentangular clubs across Europe!

Last year, when Covid was still very much on everyone’s minds, we held our first ever Pentangular evening of carols, so this was our second attempt at holding the event.

It was quite lovely to see everyone joining us (around 30 altogether) – some in their living rooms, others in their offices or libraries. Those watching could play “spot the Christmas tree”! A few were enjoying the evening with partners or family members, and there were definitely a few seasonal snacks and drinks to be seen. At one point it was rather sweet to see young children in their dressing gowns or with reindeer masks…and to even spot a friendly dog!

The evening was opened by our President, Tony Loughran who, together with his wife Jane, was hosting several members of our club at his home; webmaster PP Martin Ward was working hard to keep things running nicely.

Tony welcomed everyone to the Zoom Carols before our own club members (dressed in seasonal red, green and white, with several Christmas jumpers or elf hats on display)) kicked off with the singing.

The first song of the evening, sung live to musical accompaniment on the piano and recorder, was “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, followed by “We Three Kings”. Both songs were met with applause and cheers of “Bravo” before the Canterbury singers ended their session with good old “Jingle Bells”!

Next up were members of the Rotary Club of Leiden, dressed smartly in black with matching red ties. Unfortunately, part way in there were some technical glitches with voices fading – solved to some extent by them all coming closer to the mic! Again, they were met with warm applause.

Our final set of singers were from St Quentin, who thought they had played safe on the technical front by pre-recording their songs. All went well at first but unfortunately the quality of Zoom did not match their singing or their coordinated outfits (which changed from formal white shirts and trousers to what looked to us like matching Breton tops!)

And with that our session of seasonal songs was over for the evening and another year. Tony thanked everyone that was there: “We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year…and look forward to seeing you all in Leiden.” (Leiden are hosting our next Pentangular meeting in 2023.)

Picture: Zoom composite of attendees! Picture credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury.



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