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 Minutes for Dec 2015  
 Minutes for Nov 2015  
 Minutes for Oct 2015  
 Minutes for Sep 2015  
 Minutes of Juba Bursary Project for Aug 2015  
 Minutes for Jul 2015  
 Minutes for Jun 2015  
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 Minutes for Mar 2015  
 Minutes for Feb 2015   
 Minutes for Jan 2015   


 Minutes for Dec 2014  
 Minutes for Nov 2014  
 Minutes for Oct 2014  
 Minutes for Sep 2014  
 No Meeting in Aug 2014  
 Minutes for Jul 2014  
 Minutes for Jun 2014  
 Minutes for May 2014  
 Minutes for Apr 2014  
 Minutes for Mar 2014  
No Meeting in Feb 2014  
 Minutes for Jan 2014  


No Meeting in Dec 2013  
 Minutes for Nov 2013   
 Minutes for Oct 2013  
 Minutes for Sep 2013  
No Meeting in Aug 2013  
 Minutes for Jul 2013  
 Minutes for Jun 2013  
 Minutes for May 2013  
 Minutes for Apr 2013  
 Minutes for Mar 2013  
 Minutes for Feb 2013   
 Minutes for Jan 2013  


 No meeting in December  
 Minutes for Nov 2012  
 Minutes for Oct 2012  
Minutes for Sep 2012  
Minutes for Aug 2012  
 No Meeting in July  
Minutes for Jun 2012  
Minutes for May 2012  
Minutes for Apr 2012  
 Minutes for Mar 2012  
Minutes for Feb 2012  
Minutes for Jan 2012  


  Minutes for Nov 2011  
  Minutes for Oct 2011  
  Minutes for Sep 2011  
  Minutes for Aug 2011  
  Minutes for Jul 2011  
  Minutes for Jun 2011  
  Minutes for May 2011  
  Minutes for Apr 2011  
  Minutes for Mar 2011  

  Minutes for Feb 2011

  Minutes for Jan 2011  


Minutes for Nov 2010  
Minutes for Oct 2010  
Minutes for Sep 2010  
 No Meeting in August  
Minutes for Jul 2010  
Minutes for Jun 2010  
Minutes for May 2010  
Minutes for Apr 2010  
Minutes for Mar 2010  
Minutes for Feb 2010  
Minutes for Jan 2010  


  Minutes for Nov 2009  


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