2022 Rotary Bat & Trap challenge!

Yet again, Canterbury Rotarians (from our Club, Sunrise and Forest of Blean clubs) laid down the gauntlet and took on the Bat & Trap challenge at the Golden Lion in Broad Oak on Monday.

The evening seemed mild and sunny and everyone - around 50 Rotarians and guests - came prepared to have a lot of fun!

The event was organised and overseen by Mike Talbot from our Club, who made sure everyone played according to the rules.

Bat & Trap is a precursor of cricket (read more about it's history here) and is a team sport. "To say we were all skillful would be an overstatement," laughed Peter Hermitage, from our Club. It seems that some of the players were more determined to win and took the game far more seriously than others. "Lewis (Norris) was the equivalent of a premiership striker," said Peter.

Despite Lewis' skills, however, the winners of the challenge were the team from Forest of Blean! But they were not the only winners of the evening - a playful knock-about session was the perfect opportunity for some guests to "have a go" and learn and develop a great new skill. Some did well enough to impress onlookers - "They'll be good enough for the World Championships" quipped Peter!

The evening ended with a lovely supper provided by the pub. And just as everyone sat down, the rain came down - ensuring (we hope) the ground is good for future matches!

Picture: A determined Lewis takes his turn at batting. Picture credit: Peter Hermitage/Rotary Club of Canterbury. 

Wiith thanks to Peter Hermitage for help with this article. 


Thursday 25th August 2022

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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