Counting out our ducks for Duck Race 2021

What goes up must come down…and what goes out must come back in. And so it is with our Duck Race!

Before our ducks come out for the Duck Race on the 19th, they all have to be counted out. During this process we check their numbers and ensure none are missing – we need to make sure that every duck number sponsored has a corresponding duck in the race. It’s no easy task as there are literally thousands of them. Nevertheless, our enthusiastic Rotarians persevere and get the job done (see picture) - in some cases frotified by doughnuts!

Once the race is over we will collect the ducks back from the river – and then count them back in, ready for the race next year...

Picture: Rotarians busy at counting ducks! Picture credit: Martin Ward/Rotary Club of Canterbury.


Wednesday 15th September 2021

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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