Duck travels: Making feathers fly!

We all know that ducks don't just have their swimming abilities: they also like flying! And its seems that some, like our friend Pilot Duck, have much more eggs-pertise and fly much further than others. He's just sent us his latest pics.

As most readers will know, each year thousands of ducks take place in our Annual Charity Duck Race at Westgate - this year the race will be held in September. In the meantime some of 'our' ducks have been out and about, updating us now and then on their eggs-capades. One of these is Pilot Duck.

Pilot Duck is very privil-egged to be able to travel the world, and he often likes to take his best friend Beefy Duck along with him as his fellow eggs-plorer. The latest trip was to Cairo in Egg-ypt, where the two of them enjoyed a relaxing time by the pool and chick-ing out the lovely gift shops. We reckon they're both very lucky ducks! They even caught up with one of their friends who's been staying out there since Christmas - check out our Facebook page for more of their pictures! 

Picture: Pilot duck on his travels; here he's at Heathrow Airport, London, waiting for their plane to arrive before their journey. Picture Credit: Rotary Club of Canterbury.



Sunday 6th May 2018

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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