Donation to Canterbury Food Bank

So pleased to be supporting Canterbury food Bank at this time of year. Rotarian Bob Anderson and his wife, Jenny, have done a wonderful job in collecting together items and donations from members, doing a shop and delivering the items to the Food Bank.

Bob has been busy collecting together donation items and cash donations from our Rotarians, while other individual Rotarians have donated directly to the Food Bank so that it can take advantage of Gift Aid (making cash donations go further). Our goods were valued at £300 approx and included Xmas puddings, mince pies, bars of chocolate, tins of rice pudding, ham and corned beef...and even laundry conditioner!!

Bob reminds us that Food Bank demands increase relentlessly year after year. 

If you would like to donate to the Food Bank you can do so via their website.

Picture: Rotarian Bob Anderson and his wife Jenny with members of the Canterbury Food Bank Team who take on our latest donations. Picture credit: Canterbury Food Bank.

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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