Rotarians help with St. Nicholas School outing

Once again members of our Club helped St. Nicholas School Canterbury take some of its pupils on an outing for fun and games at a local play centre.

St. Nicholas School is a community day school in Canterbury for pupils aged 4-19 with severe, profound and complex learning needs. Our Club, through our Community Services Committee, has supported the school for many years, organising two annual outings for about 10 children and 9 staff each year. 

On this occasion we took the children and staff to The Big Fun House in Chartham for soft play for a few hours. We also provided lunch. Three of our Rotarians helped out - Deborah Connolly, Gill Dixon and John Bobba. The outing requires some planning; generally we liaise with the teacher in charge of Class 1 and then agree a venue and time suitable for the school's needs.

The children had a fantastic time climbing and using the equipment according to their abilities. The staff all know the children individually and can respond to their needs and mood. It was quite an active time for them as well - there was a lot of climbing involved. 

Deborah Connolly, the main organiser, said: "It is always lovely to see the children enjoy a day of play with excitement and enthusiasm, and lots of energy is needed by staff to keep up!"

We were delighted to receive a warm letter of thanks from one of the teachers after the event on behalf of the school.

Our Club plans to continue its support of the school by organising a zoo trip later in the year. In the past we have also donated money to St. Nicholas pupils to help towards Duke of Edinburgh awards and other activities.

For details about St. Nicholas School, click here

Picture: Rtns Deborah Connolly and John Bobba with some of the staff and students from St Nicholas School during the outing. Picture credit: Deborah Connolly. (Reproduced with permission by the School.)



Tuesday 24th April 2018

Published by: The Rotary Club of Canterbury

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